Champagne Moussé Fils

Deeply Meunier...

Located in a small valley perpendicular to the Marne river, in the village of Cuisles, our estate has been growing a very unique Meunier on a green clay terroir since 1923.

Our vineyard is spread on 3 different villages for the most part, yet all our plots are located on the same slope, all south exposed. Everyday, we are making every effort to step aside and highlight this variety and this unique terroir.

Our ancestors have been growers from father to son for 12 generations, and winemakers for 4 generations. Today we are rethinking every step and action to limit our environmental impact. Nature is our working tool; it is our duty to look after it.

Vinification happens with the least possible intervention, and clear objectives: pure and natural Meunier, with tension.